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Tattoos for Women – Choosing the Right Tattoo Design and Size

Introduction Tattoos are a medium of expression, and for many stylishly inked women, tattoos are a symbol of the freedom and liberation they experience in life. Women generally prefer tattoo designs that signify their achievements, their personal or professional choices, or how they overcame a life battle. Some women choose to cover mastectomy scars, burns, […]

The Top 7 Most Popular Tattoo Trends in 2020

You’ve given in and decided to get a tattoo. What you’re going to get is another question entirely. You have no idea what would look good on you or what would be meaningful enough to get put on your body for all to see. There are tons of interesting tattoo trends coming up in 2020 […]

8 Foods and Drinks that can help your Tattoo Healing Process

When nursing a brand new tattoo, eating and drinking the right foods and liquids can be very important. In other words, what you put inside your body as well as out, will have an impact. So you’ve got a fresh tattoo and are following the correct aftercare. Over the next week or so, a focus on nutrition can […]

103-year-old grandmother gets first tattoo

A 103-year-old grandmother dedicated to crossing goals off her bucket list has gotten her first tattoo. Last week, Dorothy Pollack, from Muskegon, Michigan, visited a tattoo parlour with her granddaughter Teresa Zavitz-Jones to have a little green frog inked on her forearm. According to Pollack, who recently reunited with her family after months spent isolated in a nursing home as […]

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