Preston pride with tattoo of Harris Museum

Preston pride with tattoo of Harris Museum

A local man has a permanent reminder of his home town after getting a tattoo of the Harris Museum and Art Gallery.

Bartosz Parzych was tattooed by his friend Gabriel Jamorski, who owns New Ink Order Tattoo Studio on New Hall Lane.

Gabriel said: “I met with Bartosz a couple of weeks ago because he booked a next session of full sleeve.

“At the first session I tattooed Farna Tower from Krosno city in Poland. Bartosz is from Krosno and he decided to tattoo something from his city.

“At the next session Bartosz wanted to have something from England. We were thinking about Big Ben or Stonehenge, but they aren’t anything exactly from where he is living now.

“I was thinking between Preston City Council building and the Harris but the museum won because this is an art building and I love tattooing, art and architecture.

“I placed the tattoo on the bicep and it is connecting with the building from Krosno. 

“Bartosz thought it was amazing when I showed him the design, and he said it is a 101% original design and not popular. I think that the tattoo must be an original and not be a copy.”

After Gabriel posted a photo of the tattoo to Instagram and tagged the Harris, the museum’s account commented: “We are bowled over by this photo… We are also flattered!”.

Gabriel, who is originally from Krakow in Poland, came to the UK to travel but decided to stay. He’s been running New Ink Order since 2015.

He said: “I’ve done nine architectural tattoos and hope that I can do more in the future. I finished architecture at high school so my favourite topic of art is buildings. It’s a chance to show my skills from school and tattoo art.”

What do you think of the tattoo? Do you have any Preston-related tattoos? Let us know in the comments below.


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