Tattoos for Women – Choosing the Right Tattoo Design and Size

Tattoos for Women – Choosing the Right Tattoo Design and Size


Tattoos are a medium of expression, and for many stylishly inked women, tattoos are a symbol of the freedom and liberation they experience in life. Women generally prefer tattoo designs that signify their achievements, their personal or professional choices, or how they overcame a life battle. Some women choose to cover mastectomy scars, burns, or scars to signify their victory over the problems they faced. These multitalented women come from all walks of life and are often homemakers, doctors, stylists, creative directors, bikers, or artists themselves.

Right Way to Choose a Tattoo

If you love tattoos and wish to get inked, here are a few pointers that will help you make the right choice.

Designs: Animal imagery, nature, pets, important dates in life, professional insignia, geometric dot work, etc., are the popular classic and minimalistic designs choices. Women also prefer large scale realistic/illustrative designs, leg sleeve, arm sleeve, and even bodysuit that only highly experienced artists can execute. Cross-stitch and satin stitch tattoos that look like embroidery are the newest rage. Tattoo artists also receive requests for designs that capture the kitsch sense of reality.

Area to be tattooed: Getting a tattoo is an important life decision that should not be made on just a whim. It is important to be patient, do your research, and select the right artists. The area you choose to get tattooed may vary depending on how visible you want your tattoo to be and the type of coverage you may require for personal and professional circumstances.

Size: The size of the tattoos will depend on the designs you choose. The design can be scaled up or down on paper, but only a professional tattoo artist can guide you on the scalability of the design on the area to be tattooed.

Color: Black and white and color tattoos are equally popular, the crispiness of a line or the richness of shading is determined by the quality of dye used. Generally, colored tattoos are considered to be more expensive when compared to black and white tattoos due to the dyes used.



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