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103-year-old grandmother gets first tattoo

103-year-old grandmother gets first tattoo

A 103-year-old grandmother dedicated to crossing goals off her bucket list has gotten her first tattoo.

Last week, Dorothy Pollack, from Muskegon, Michigan, visited a tattoo parlour with her granddaughter Teresa Zavitz-Jones to have a little green frog inked on her forearm.

According to Pollack, who recently reunited with her family after months spent isolated in a nursing home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, she decided out of the blue that she would like a tattoo.

“It was pretty exciting because years ago my grandson wanted me to get one and I wouldn’t do it,” Pollack told CNN. “All of a sudden, I decided I would like to have one. And if I could, a frog. Because I like frogs.”

“Granny is a badass now; sportin that ink,” Pollack’s granddaughter wrote on Facebook, alongside pictures of the centenarian’s new tattoo. “Thank you tons AWOL Custom Tattooing LLC, Ray Reasoner Jr and your staff for making Granny feel comfortable and like a star. You are amazing.”

According to tattoo artist Ray Reasoner Jr, who did Pollack’s tattoo free of charge, the grandmother is his oldest client to date.

“She took it like a champ. I didn’t even see her wince. Maybe she had half a wince once,” Reasoner told the outlet. “She was just so excited. It was an amazing experience.

“If someone over a century old tells you to do something for them you just gotta do it.”

On Facebook, Pollack’s new ink prompted an outpouring of applause.



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